EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Wesley Blaylock (Deas Vail) – Self Titled EP

When you’re in a band, the band takes priority (at least it should). Entire years are dedicated to recording, releasing, and then subsequently touring.

Rinse, repeat.

Every once and a while, the band gets a break. Some time at home with family and some much needed decompression time.

In that time, creativity can blossom, or at least continue to flow from endless months of creating and performing. This is when we see the birth of side and solo projects. For Deas Vail frontman Wesley Blaylock, that is precisely what happened. With the help of some family members, Wesley wrote and recorded a 5 track EP that we are fortunate enough to stream for you here today.

This acoustic EP is a sincere departure from his work in Deas Vail that can be enjoyed by all. We hope you enjoy this special release. Click through and listen, then purchase it on iTunes.

Find Wesley on:

Facebook | Twitter | Website

Buy his EP on:

Bandcamp | iTunes

Be sure to check out Deas Vail as well:

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Jacob Tender
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