T. Mills Updates Fans From Warped, Teases New Material

Anyone that has followed our Warped coverage in years past may notice a significant lack of video updates cluttering news feeds in 2012. It’s not that bands have abandoned the art of the youtube update, it’s just that we realized most of them were pretty much pointless and decided to nearly halt them altogether as a result. One of the few exceptions we make is when new material is involved and that just so happens to be what brings us together now. By clicking past the jump you can not only get a glimpse of T. Mills current run on Warped Tour, but you can also hear a bit of a new song entitled “Lightweight.” Click through and enjoy.

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One Response to “T. Mills Updates Fans From Warped, Teases New Material”

  1. SO ready to see T. Mills on the 8th at this year’s Warped Tour!!! Hoping he plays all his new songs! Anyone else going to be at the Canterbury Park stop in MN?