Alexisonfire to Tour One Last Time

Canadian post-hardcore outfit, Alexisonfire, broke up less than a year ago under a cloud of controversy. Guitarist/co-singer, Dallas Green, left the group to focus all his energy on his more successful side-project, City and Colour.  Never the less, Alexisonfire was going to continue on without Green, but then guitarist/co-singer, Wade MacNeil joined British hardcore punk outfit, Gallows, and Alexisonfire officially went to sleep.

Well, the group’s twitter recently came alive, hinting at “big news.” Some speculated that Alexisonfire was getting back together. Others splashed around in the “new record” pool. Yesterday, MacNeil put the rumors to rest when he confirmed that Alexisonfire was going to go on one final send-off tour. MacNeil tweeted,

Seems like the cats out of the bag. Alexisonfire will do one final tour

Alexisonfire did not do a “final tour” or any of the sort prior to breaking up. Instead, the guys just called it quits. In a recent interview with Spinner, Dallas Green commented,

We’ve actually been starting to talk about doing some final Alexis shows because when we did play our last show nobody knew it was our last show. Well, we knew it was our last show with me. But the guys sort of thought they were going to keep going and try something else and then Wade got asked to join Gallows and that was sort of the end of Alexisonfire. So we talked a long time ago about maybe doing just a couple shows to celebrate what Alexis was as opposed to have it fizzle out like it did.

Tour dates have yet to be announced, but make sure to catch Alexisonfire one last time when the dates are posted!

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