MUSIC VIDEO: The Shins – It’s Only Life

The space bunny on The Shins‘ new album, Port Of Morrow, comes to life in a post-apocalyptic environment for their “It’s Only Life” video. These are the best visuals you will see involving a band utilizing their cover artwork to the fullest. Hands down.

James Mercer is captured by the strange creatures and drag to his fate. This video was directed by Hiro Murai.

Port Of Morrow is available now on iTunes through Mercer’s Aural Apothecary imprint (Columbia Records). Pick up your copy now!

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2 Responses to “MUSIC VIDEO: The Shins – It’s Only Life”

  1. These guys are really stepping it up with their new videos! Port of Marrow is definitely one of my favorite releases of the year…. can’t get enough! Found this article/video on Pitchfork

  2. Ben Lareau says:

    Port of Morrow is yet another amazing album by The Shins. The new music video to It’s Only Life is another reason why you should buy the album.