Fred Willard pulls a Pee-wee, gets arrested for “lewd acts”

Fred Willard (better known as “Oh, that guy!”) was arrested Wednesday night at an adult theater in Los Angeles for committing “lewd acts”.

Undercover porn theater cops busted him on a routine inspection, Willard had no accomplice. The 72 year old actor was released without posting bail, but was fired from his job for PBS as a voice actor in an upcoming special titled “Market Warriors”.

Willard is best known as the announcer in Best In Show but has appeared in many movies and television shows over the years from Wall-E to Anchorman. The actor has even been nominated for 4 Primetime Emmys for his work on Everybody Loves Raymond  and Modern Family.

Willard said in a video to TMZ that this was all a misunderstanding and that he had done nothing wrong. Seeing that Willard is not an icon for children it is unlikely that this will go down as infamously as Paul Ruebens’ case that was similar in the 90’s.

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One Response to “Fred Willard pulls a Pee-wee, gets arrested for “lewd acts””

  1. “Those who have cut off their hope and handed themselves over to lewdness and to the cultivation of every impurity in their lust.” – Ephesians 4:19, Aramaic Bible in Plain English (2010)

    Entertainers these days just can’t keep their clothes on for nothin’, I guess.