Killing Joke Frontman Jaz Coleman is Missing

You read that right. Vanished. AWOL. MIA.

Whatever you want to call it, no one’s heard from the man and his band mates in Killing Joke are embarrassed and concerned. The British punk outfit recently pulled out of their tour with The Cult and The Mission, and Coleman hasn’t been heard from since.

After the break you can view some messages from the band regarding Coleman’s disappearance. Do you have any information on his whereabouts?

A statement was posted on Facebook, reputedly by our singer, maligning both The Cult and The Mission and pulling us out of the shows.

He is now AWOL and has not contacted any of his band mates.

We are deeply embarrassed by this and offer our sincere apologies to all involved.

We are all concerned about our missing singer’s welfare.

Killing Joke made a collective decision to play with The Cult and The Mission in September.

It was agreed by all of the band that we would do these shows. Indeed, we thought that they were something to look forward to, even though they were downsized.

We would still like to honour our commitment to this tour, the other bands, and all the Gatherers and people who have already bought tickets and made travel arrangements.

If this proves not possible, Killing Joke will make alternative arrangements to compensate for the trouble caused.

Meanwhile we are doing everything we can to make this tour happen and locate our missing singer.


Brian Leak
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4 Responses to “Killing Joke Frontman Jaz Coleman is Missing”

  1. skullsplitter1 says:

    Is it Aleister Crowley’s birthday again? Perhaps he has finally reincarnated himself as the superannuated old sh*t atop an andean mountain waiting for the final Mayan sunset.
    The world is a nicer and cleaner place without the little piece of manipulative excreta.

    I have thought about it and this allegedly and supposedly democratic band are having a leadership struggle, again.
    He is a proto-fascist, and that is an inadequate description.

    Most likely he is speaking to his lawyers about how to benefit from the Black Knight stuff..
    I expect an interview, shortly, with Diggity Dave on MTV where he will express his admiration for James Holmes and Anders Breivik as the true and meaningful individuals of the 21stC who have followed his philospohy, acted in his name and followed his instructions.
    I wonder which album Holmes liked most?

  2. John says:

    Oh god, this wanky comment is so beneath contempt

  3. skullsplitter1 says:

    It is 30 years since he last did it and it is a full moon and the Tarot probably fell into place.
    He thinks Fascists are poofs!

    What ever happened to the ‘gay’ airstewrd who brought his bags over from London.
    Ask Bjork for an opinion!

    He is such a lovely person!

  4. skullsplitter1 says:

    John, God has nothing to do with his, or should it be His, beliefs.
    I feel for the rest of the band whose future has been turned to mush in the choking dust of this man’s unexplained exit. He doesn’t care about anyone else. His whole life has been dedicated to the worship of the only important person ever to exist on the planet in the last couple of millennia, namely himself. I wonder what poor unfortunate he is imposing himself on and exploiting presently while he does his Greta Garbo impressions. Bollo, complete self indulgent bollo. He did it before and he is doing it again.
    When he says the world is ending he means the world other, gullible, unfortunates exist in. His world will always continue while he enjoys the immortality of notoriety.
    Long Live Raven who died a pauper,..thanks largely to the avarice of JC, Himself.
    He is the real Merchant Banker!!