Rise Records Sign Further Seems Forever

Rise Records announced earlier today that they have signed the rockers Further Seems Forever. They have also announced there will be a new album released October 23. It’s been eight years since the group last put out an album (unless you want to count the live album released in 2007…which I don’t). We have known for quite some time the group would be getting together again, based off an interview with singer Chris Carrabba, but it’s a pleasant surprise to see all of this culminating so quickly!

If you want to see the “official” announcement, you only need to head over to Rise Records’ landing page for their website and it’s right there! Convenient right?

We don’t have any additional details yet, but we will be sure to post new updates as they unfold.

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One Response to “Rise Records Sign Further Seems Forever”

  1. Laura says:

    Where can I find the tour?