The Only Mixtape You Need To Download This Month

Hello everyone! It has been far too long since I hopped on the UTG news feed and unleashed more than slightly opinionated news littered smartass remarks, but consider this my return to form. After a month on Van’s Warped Tour I have come back to UTG, my one true home, and could not be more excited to write about the best of the best once again. Without further ado, here’s something you’re going to need in your life ASAP:

Domo Genesis, otherwise known as Odd Future’s Mr. Smoke-a-lot-of-pot, has just dropped his Sophomore mixtape No Idols on the world. The release is a collaborative effort with iconic hiphop producer The Alchemist, and can currently be download for free HERE. The release continues to showcase Domo’s undeniable mic skills and love of all things marijuana with a slew of tracks discussing his newfound fame and the truth of how things really came to be. You can view the complete tracklisting below:

01 Prophecy
02 Fuck Everybody Else
03 All Alone
04 Elimination Chamber [ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, and Action Bronson]
05 Power Ballad [ft. Smoke DZA]
06 Me and My Bitch
07 Till the Angels Come [ft. Freddie Gibbs and Prodigy]
08 The Daily News [ft. Spaceghostpurrp, Earl Sweatshirt, and Action Bronson]
09 Like a Star [ft. Earl Sweatshirt]
10 The Feeling
11 No Idols [ft. Tyler, the Creator]

If you only download one mixtpae this month, No Idols deserves your click. Don’t waste your time (and brain cells) hoping Dedication 4 saves Lil Wayne, just face the facts that it’s time for a new breed of emcee to begin their rise to domination and lend Domo Genesis your ears. This is not a collection of street bangers, nor top 40 hits, but it is the closest thing to a living autobiography you’ll hear this season. Click here and enjoy.

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  1. Gav says:

    is it just me or has Earl been quite the disappointment this year?