Brand New Hope to Release New Music

Brand New

It looks like the wheels of mysterious alternative rock powerhouse, Brand New, are in fact still moving (albeit at the Long Island quintet’s own speed). In a recent interview with, Brand New frontman, Jesse Lacey, discussed the band’s inter-workings and their plans for the future.

Lacey expressed a desire to get new music out sooner rather than later, stating,

We have this buzzing in us that we want to do things and I hope that we can see those things through. I think people expect more from us and I think we expect more from us.

Brand New have not put out new music since the release of their fourth record, Daisy, in 2009.

Lacey did no mince words in expressing his complicated relationship with the controversial Daisy. The divisive record was applauded by some as an aggressive, dirty masterpiece or panned by others as a cluttered mess. Lacey seems to understand both views. He explained to that,

while he enjoys the album, it also makes him anxious to listen to due its chaotic, noise-driven nature.

Brand New have no time table to record any new music. Rather, they are letting the inspiration come to them.

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