Marilyn Monroe Died 50 Years Ago Today

On this day in 1962, actress, model and cultural icon, Marilyn Monroe, committed suicide at the age of 36. Police were called to Monroe’s home in Los Angeles at 4:25am and found the actress face-down and nude on her bed with a telephone to her ear. There were also empty pill bottles strewn around her bedroom.

Monroe was taking several anti-depressants to treat her depression at the time. A later autopsy found chloral hydrate and Nembutal in her system at the time of her death.

Marilyn Monroe’s death is one of the most controversial deaths of all time. Numerous conspiracy theories contest the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office’s ruling that Monroe committed suicide. Some claim President Kennedy and his brother, Robert, had a hand in murdering her (as many also claim that President Kennedy was the last person Monroe spoke to prior to her untimely demise). Still, others claim that the CIA and Mafia were involved in her death. Detective Jack Clemmons, one of the first authorities to arrive at the scene that morning, insist that Monroe was murdered. No murder charges were ever leveled.

What is known is that Monroe changed what Americans’ picture a celebrity to be. And to this day, Monroe still fascinates the masses.

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