TEASER: Dragon Ball Z (The Movie)

One of the longest running animated shows in recent memory is finally making its big screen debut next and we have the first teaser ready to wet your appetite.

Dragon Ball Z is a title any fan of mange or anime is surely familiar with, and while there is still no official plot for next year’s film, there is no doubt in our minds fans will be lining up to see their favorite characters on the silver screen. The trailer we have today is sourced from Japan, which currently lists the film as opening March 2013, but we cannot confirm a similar release for the US. Either way, it’s good to know the world of Dragon Ball Z will be given the platform it has so long deserved much sooner than later. You can view the teaser after the jump.

We have no subtitles right now, but surely someone will handle that in the coming days. Stay tuned for more details as hype for the movie begins to build.

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4 Responses to “TEASER: Dragon Ball Z (The Movie)”

  1. Goku says:

    Yeeeeaaaa!!!!! Finally : ) evolution was just crap!

  2. Actually this will be a trilogy, as Goku needs two movies to charge up his attack.

  3. lanqiu332 says:


  4. Pam says:

    I can’t wait…. its too amazing! :o
    anyways is there any chance that akira continue making New dragon ball ep? Answer me! :)