Young English Going On Hiatus

New York rockers Young English have announced that they will be going on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. We truly wish the guys the best of luck in their future endeavors. Read the official statement from the group by simply looking below.

“Young English, is going on a hiatus. If this is temporary or permanent, I have no idea. But we will not be an active band for a while, and that was mutually agreed upon. Basically, it comes down to Chris needing to focus on his personal life. We all want him do what is best for himself. In the end, this is a band, and people have lives outside of that. It has been a long time coming. Even playing these last few shows felt like we we’re beating a dead horse. The fun had been sucked out of it, and thats the reason we do this in the first place. So what’s the point if it isn’t fun anymore?! Of course, we would love to play more shows and tour constantly, while writing new material. But that just isn’t happening. If you were at our show in Albany, NY on Saturday, then you’ve seen the last of us for a while. Do I see us playing any more shows? I honestly don’t know. It could go either way. However, it would be awesome to have a final show of sorts, at least for the time being. I guess I would just like to say thank you to everyone who supported us, helped us out with a floor to sleep on and sang along at our shows. Nothing went unnoticed, unless we were black out wasted, which happened a few times. Hopefully we will be back out there one day, but for now… Thanks and so long!

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