Lebron James “Wishes” He Could Star in “Space Jam 2”

Few crossover films ever really work, but somehow Michael Jordan’s spin in Space Jam has continued to be a cherished family film for over a decade. Maybe it’s the soundtrack, maybe it’s the animation, but something about the concept of athletes joining forces with beloved cartoons has proven to be box office gold and honestly, we’re shocked a headline such a this has not surfaced before now.

Responding to a fan’s question via his official Twitter last night, NBA star Lebron James expressed a desire to one day fill MJ’s shoes in a Space Jam sequel. He tweeted:

ALLOW US TO BE CLEAR: At this time, there has been no official word that plans for a Space Jam 2 even exists.

If someone in Hollywood listens to Lebron’s request, would you like to see him fill MJ’s shoes? Comment below and let us know!

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