MOVIE TRAILER: Grave Encounters 2

Our blogging friends over at ShockTilYaDrop got the exclusive on this, but we’re bringing the video to UTG in an attempt to make your lives easier.

Grave Encounters was one of the most discussed indie found footage films in 2011. The flick had a small theatrical run, but it’s the 20million+ views for the trailer on the YouTube that initially got heads turning. Mix with this the ever-rising format of VOD, and you have a recipe for viral success. So much so, in fact, that a sequel has already been made.

PLOT: Grave Encounters was a found-footage horror phenomenon that many people believed was just a movie. Film student Alex Wright is out to prove them wrong in Grave Encounters 2. Alex is as obsessed with the first film as the 20 million people who viewed its viral trailer on YouTube. While he and his friends research the events and visit the real psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film, they find themselves face-to-face with unspeakable evil, banking on the hope that their knowledge of the original film will help them survive the sequel.

This is as meta as found footage gets, and while it may not work so well in the end, the preview doesn’t look half bad. You can view the trailer after the jump.

Grave Encounters 2 hits VOD on October 2. Are you in?

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