Nicki Minaj Reveals Mitt Romney Endorsement was in Character, Supports Obama

Not too long ago, Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4 revealed that Nicki Minaj endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

The lyric in question is “I’m a republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b*tches are f*cking up the economy”, from the track “Mercy”. When asked about her Republican endorsement on Florida radio station Power 95.3, President Barack Obama saidYeah, I’m not sure that’s actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that. But she likes to play different characters. So I don’t know what’s going on there.

Recently on twitter, Minaj confirmed the President’s beliefs, and “sent [her] love and support.

What do you think of this? Is Minaj backtracking on her remarks after a backlash, or is she just having to explain her alter egos?

Dan Bogosian
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