MUSIC VIDEO: Sex Pistols – “Holidays In The Sun”

35 years after the release, Sex Pistols’ song “Holidays In The Sun” finally receives a proper video. The clip takes never-before-seen footage of the band performing live, which can be viewed on their upcoming album. Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols will be released on September 24 through Universal Music UK.

Read what John ‘Rotten’ Lydon had to say about the lyrics for “Holidays In The Sun.”

“Berlin was a very different town then. It was like that scene in Apocalypse Now when they go up the river and they see the flares and the party going on, all the soldiers on acid… That’s what Berlin was like, with a chaotic war-zone wrapped around it. The Communists were looking in on this adventure playground. Quite mental.”

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