Farro Brothers (ex-Paramore) Look To Make Amends

In December 2010, Josh and Zac Farro left Paramore to a load of controversy. The remaining band members told one story, and the brothers told another. Zac recently streamed the music he is now working on.

Zac recently told UK music magazine NME, “Josh definitely regrets being so emotional right after he left. He stands by what he believes, but he has tried to make peace with everyone in the band about that letter. I know they’re still not fond of him because it was so hurtful.

Although Paramore are “still not fond of [Josh]“, the two sides have made their amends. Paramore is yet to decide permanent replacements for the Farros, currently relying on various musicians for live tours and remaining a trio in the studio.

Dan Bogosian
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