Metallica To Start Work On New Album

80s metal, 90s rock, and present day eh band Metallica have released their intentions to begin working on a new album. Drummer Lars Ulrich said it is unlikely to arrive until 2014 – but based on the history of the band, it might even be longer.

Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett told Rolling Stone “Right now, we’re kind of preoccupied with dealing with this 3D movie that we shot up in Canada last month. So that’s kind of taking our time right now – that’s the priority, to deal with that. But once we’re done with that, we’re going to start hunkering down and putting riffs together. That’s all going to happen soon.” He also didn’t say whether Rick Rubin would produce the next album, but said he was being considered.

The metal band has also recently finished their contract with Warner, and is free to go the way of Trent Reznor or Nine Inch Nails with an experimental release. Vocalist and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield said, “We’ve learned a lot about record companies, the goods and evils of the business and this and that. It is what it is, and when it becomes time for us to either renegotiate or shop around or do things ourselves or something like that, we don’t know. There’s nothing but options, which is great.” Whether those options will include an experimental release like a pay your own price download or an experimental release like whatever Lulu was, only time will tell.

Dan Bogosian
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One Response to “Metallica To Start Work On New Album”

  1. Dane Sager says:

    “Won’t arrive till 2014” is Metallicanese for “expect it in 2018”