STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller) – “These Dayz”

Mac Miller’s alter ego Larry Fisherman is back in UTG headlines this evening with a new single entitled, “These Dayz.” Released for free over Twitter by way of Soundcloud, this track boasts a laid back beat and talk overcoming obstacles placed in front you. Some may call it stoner rap, but Miller sounds a bit too melancholy for that sort of label. You can stream, download, and enjoy “These Dayz” after the jump.

On the official Soundcloud page for “These Dayz,” Miller added:

If you listen closely, i’m singing opera in the background of this whole song. There are no limitations. Also, this speech at the end of this shit is epic and real for the world to comprehend yet.

i was just on some other shit, no sleep, up making music all night and i decided to just take this song to places that songs have never been before.

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2 Responses to “STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Larry Fisherman (Mac Miller) – “These Dayz””

  1. ervins561 says:

    Mac Miller Snappin on his Music

  2. Alex Morrell says:

    Deep a/f – People don’t understand how meaningful his lyrics can be.