BREAKING: Vocalist Lacey Sturm Leaves Flyleaf; Band Plans To Continue On

Hard rock act Flyleaf have announced plans to part ways with vocalist Lacey Sturm in the near future. Sturm, who has been with the band for the last decade, has issued a statement of her own to explain the reasons for her departure. You can view both Mosley’s message, as well as an introduction from the remaining members of Flyleaf, below. Our apologies for the image file, but it’s how the band chose to break the news:

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One Response to “BREAKING: Vocalist Lacey Sturm Leaves Flyleaf; Band Plans To Continue On”

  1. Jojo says:

    Flyleaf will never be the same…i can understand why she is leaving its just so devastating. Lacey was and is my hero and i always dreamed of getting to meet her in person and hear her sing in person at one of the concerts but now that will never happen. that dream will never come true. i nearly cried when i found out. Lacey if you see this just know that even though i will miss your music terribly i am so grateful for all that you did York story has been such an inspiraction to me. you are my hero.