[New Feature] Real Talk With Pop Evil’s Chachi Riot: “Is Rock And Roll Dead?”

Keeping with our ongoing efforts to further expand into as many areas of music as possible, UTG is hoping to engage in real discussions with mainstream rock fans in our latest column, Real Talk. Hosted through weekly video blogs by Pop Evil drummer Chachi Riot, Real Talk is a recurring feature about the state of rock and roll today as expressed by someone living the industry life 24/7. Each week, Chachi and UTG will present a new topic of debate, and we’re hoping our readers will chime in with their thoughts. You can view the first entry below:

Pop Evil are on tour almost year-round. Click here to learn when Chachi and the rest of the band will be in your town next!

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3 Responses to “[New Feature] Real Talk With Pop Evil’s Chachi Riot: “Is Rock And Roll Dead?””

  1. Jeremy Wolff says:

    Being a full time Octane listener, I never thought rock was dead, there is so much I enjoy out there now, and Being in Bismarck, ND and having a station just switch format to rock had me pumped, However, we rarely get Rock concerts here, so when it was announced that the Trespass tour was playing here, I was pumped. However, the turnout pissed me off! (Maybe it was because Pop Evil wasnt at that stop). I wanted to bitch this city out for not packing the civic center! So I understand the Rock is Dead assumption. l will always support rock, we need it, other people will come around soon!

  2. Vanessa Bond says:

    I find it quite shocking that Chicago and New York City dropped rock radio. I did not know that. Well, I am an older die hard rocker and all I have to say is a line from the classic Bob Seger song, “Come Back Baby, Rock & Roll Never Forgets”. Horns High Baby!

  3. Siegel says:

    People always seem to be in a popularity contest; always just liking what other people do! Exactly, it is a lot harder to be unique and different. It is tougher to gain people to like your music. I say whatever to popularity contest–rock and metal music ISTHe MOST BRILLIANT music! The lyrics and sound of it just speak to me a LOT more than the pop bubblegum crap–who cares what ex did to me, BLAH< BLAH! All rock and METAL musicians keep doing what you're doing so we actually have GOOD music to KEEP LISTENING tO! tHANKS CHACHI! People may want to come to see shows too, but some are out of the area and in different regions of the country. BANDS need to promote yourselves too, so we know you exist!!!