I See Stars Frontman Devin Oliver Calls Politics A “Big Joke”

Every election year, publications online and off rush to figure out who all the important people in their areas of coverage are endorsing in November. Why do we do this? I’m not sure. I guess there is some belief that knowing your favorite musician prefers a certain candidate will sway your decision making, but if that is truly the case then I want to ask right now that you abstain from voting as your level of actual interest in the issues at hand may cause harm to good people’s honest struggle for what is right.

Anyways, NoiseCreep already burned through so many groups that they recently spoke with I See Stars frontman Devin Oliver on the subject of November’s vote. Again, why the guy from I See Stars? Your guess is as good as mine on that one, but regardless, the pull quotes from the feature are too good to resist. When asked about the band’s stance on politics, Oliver replied:

The thing about everyone in my band is we are all very conspiracy driven which forces us to not be too into politics, because we all think it’s a big joke. There’s no sugarcoating it. We’re paying more attention to the Detroit Tigers right now and them hopefully winning the World Series.

Caught off guard by his response, Noisecreep pushes the topic further. Oliver goes on to add:

When it comes to the election, we’re true to the fact that we feel that a win is already decided. We strongly feel that it is all planned out and very corrupt. That drives a lot of what we think – the corruption that we believe in and everything going on behind the curtain. We’re very true to that. And we like to spread out that train of thought and let people know how we feel. As much as we want to spread awareness, we do think that going to show is also about forgetting about the real world so we try to be metaphorical about it and let the music deal with it so we don’t have to get up and start making speeches.

What troubles me here is that Oliver feels confident enough to say the game of politics is a joke, yet thinks the best way to fight the good fight is to be cryptic when discussing the topic with fans. When, in the history of time, has being indirect with the people you’re trying to inspire worked? If you feel things are corrupt, is it not your responsibility as a person of influence to try and make things right for the generations to come?

The article also features talk about additional conspiracies, as well as the group’s general distrust for organized society. Click here to read the full feature.

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One Response to “I See Stars Frontman Devin Oliver Calls Politics A “Big Joke””

  1. Brian Lion says:

    What troubles me here is that Oliver thinks the Tigers are going to win the World Series.