David Bazan Shows Still On, Everything Fine

Earlier today, we told you of David Bazan‘s van getting crashed into by a drunk driver. We knew every ONE was alright, but we didn’t know whether every THING was. Now, Bazan manager Bob has updated the world on his status, and thankfully, all the shows will be on at their originally scheduled times.

An update on Facebook said “Hi everyone, this is Bob (David’s manager). It was a very long and complicated day, but the guys are back on the road to continue the tour. Big thanks to Brown’s Auto Construction for getting the van fixed on very short notice. Ben Horner at Vic’s Drum Shop for helping us replace the broken parts on Alex’s base drum. The trailer is a total loss. We were able fit the essential gear in the back of the van. But had to ditch the kitchen pantry and storage bins to make room for the gear. So no more awesome crock pot meals on this tour. Thanks for all the emails and messages offering help. The best way to support the band is to come to one of the shows if you can.

You can see a few pictures of the damage done on Bazan’s Twitter account, with Tweets here after the break. We should all be thankful that no one got hurt.







Dan Bogosian
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