EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Over & Out – Plastic City EP

A few weeks ago we talked to you about one of our new favorite hardcore bands from DC, Over & Out. Well today we are excited to announce that we are hosting their new EP Plastic City! The seven track album clocks in at a break neck 14 minutes, and it’s a really aggressive effort that here at UTG we’re really excited about.

What’s also great about this new release is that it’s absolutely free. Yes, free. How do you get a download of it? Go to their Bandcamp here.

If you want to check them out on Facebook, you can do so by going here. In addition, the band is going on a ten date tour which you can get all the details to here on UTG, and on their Facebook event here. Also, if you’re really stoked, feel free to pick up a shirt from their webstore here. They are going on tour soon, so everything helps.

Enough talk, check out their EP after the break and let UTG know what you think of Over & Out in the comments. Also be sure to share with your friends, families, dogs, cats, but especially dogs. They like hardcore.

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