STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne & Paris Hilton – “Untitled”

You’re not losing your eyesight, that headlines reads the way you think it does. Apparently, Lil Wayne hopped on a Paris Hilton track back when she was running around the globe acting like more than a reality star from a super-rich family (whose fortune she played no part in earning), but for one reason or another the song never found its way to the masses. That is, until today.

Earlier this morning blogs began tossing up an untitled track featuring none other than YMCMB star Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton. We do not know at this time where the song came from, but we have learned two things from the leak:

1. Lil Wayne > Paris Hilton
2. Paris Hilton was wise to call it quits on her pop music career

To be fair, Hilton is still making waves in the world of music by way of EDM.

You can stream and download the untitled track after the jump. It’s not going to change the way you view music, but you might enjoy what you hear.

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