Scott Weiland “Sorting Through” Velvet Revolver Reunion

Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland was the reason Stone Temple Pilots broke up, but then rejoined them. Turmoil with him and the reason of Velvet Revolver appears to have been the reason behind their demise. They did a one-off reunion earlier this year, followed by Scott saying he was set to rejoin VR and then Slash denying it several days later.

Weiland told Rolling Stone, “I am completely open to [a Velvet Revolver reunion] and I know there are other guys in the band that are completely open to it. There have been some things that have stood in the way that aren’t anything that have to do with the band – just other players, agents… But now we’re sorting through things, and we want to start writing for some big film opportunities that have come our way, and try to set things up the way we set things up when we initially got together… I think it’s the perfect time for Velvet Revolver to get back together.

So there you have it, folks: it’s not always about the money. Sometimes, money making opportunities just make for the “perfect time“. Hopefully if they make a new record, it’s better than their second album. I also don’t understand how “they” want to start writing for a movie when Slash wasn’t even willing to say Scott was a part of the band. Time will tell if the hatchet’s buried, but it’s clear Scott thinks Velvet Revolver is back.

Dan Bogosian
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