WATCH: Kevin Devine with Jesse Lacey (Brand New) – “Cotton Crush” (Live)

kevin devine

This past Saturday in New York City, Kevin Devine and the God Damn Band did a show celebrating ten years of making music together where they played three of Devine’s albums (Circle Gets The Square, Split the Country, Split the Street, Between the Concrete & Clouds) front to back. On the original version of “Cotton Crush,” Jesse Lacey from Brand New sings some backing vocals. Live on Saturday, he recreated the performance.

It’s a good view for how intense they get in the second verse. You can watch the song recorded by a fan in the audience here after the jump.


Dan Bogosian
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    saw this live and i think i was the only one crying for 20 minutes straight because i went insaneee when jesse went on stage even before his spotlight went on.