MUSIC VIDEO: Yellowcard – “Awakening”

Jacksonville, FL rockers Yellowcard have released their new animated music video for “Awakening”.

This song is off of the group’s latest effort, Southern Air, which was released through Hopeless Records. Take the video for a spin and watch Yellowcard’s cartoon personalities travel concert to concert.

They will be touring throughout Canada on their co-headlining tour run, with friends in All Time Low, in mid-January so be sure to check out dates right here. Will you be attending one of these Canadian/US shows?

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One Response to “MUSIC VIDEO: Yellowcard – “Awakening””

  1. I’m sorry, but this was absolutely terrible. I love this song, and I was really excited for this video when I heard it was going to be animated, especially after ATL’s “For Baltimore” video, which was fantastic. This is some of the worst animation I have ever seen. This could’ve been awesome if any more than five minutes of effort were put into it, but this sucks. Hopefully they release some live videos soon so I can have a decent video to watch when I listen to this, because there’s no way I’m ever watching this tripe again.