WATCH: The Gaslight Anthem Perform New Song, Discuss New Record

A video has surfaced of The Gaslight Anthem performing a brand new song on their most recent tour.

It has yet to be confirmed, but according to, the song is tentatively entitled “Halloween”.

The New Jersey rock quartet, released their fourth studio album, Handwritten, this past year, which made it’s way onto UTG’s Best Album’s of 2012 list. However, it seems the group may already be planning their fifth studio record on which “Halloween” may be featured.

“We’re searching for something new to do with songwriting, rather than just piecing together verses and choruses in more of a traditional sense,” vocalist and guitarist Brian Fallon told Rolling Stone. “We’re looking for some other thing – not some other genre, but something else. And it might not be the favourite of everyone, but [it] might be the ‘weird’ album coming up. I’m pretty sure it is.”

According to Rolling Stone, Fallon wants to write a “weird” record in the vein of Pearl Jam’s fourth album, No Code.

“They did these three rock records, and [then] they all of a sudden went left turn. And everybody went, ‘What the hell?’ Then later, five years, they went, ‘This is amazing.'”

Check out The Gaslight Anthem performing “Halloween” below and keep on the lookout for more news concerning the band’s upcoming “weird” album. 


Anthony Galasso
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