Chief Keef Still In Jail; “Free Sosa” Shirts Released

What good is prison time if someone cannot make a profit along the way, right?

Chief Keef may be sitting in an Illinois juvenile corrections facility as I type this post, but that certainly is not preventing his friends from cashing in on his sentencing.

Earlier tonight, Keef’s official Twitter was updated with the following message:

You can view an example of the shirt, which costs $25, below. No further description is provided.

As much as all of us at UTG want to see Keef be make his way to release and continue moving his life forward, the decision to sell “Free Sosa” shirts seems like a needless cash grab, especially at such a high mark up. Does anyone really believe Keef would pay $25 to wear a shirt with their face on it if they got locked up for violating probation and later sued for possibly fathering a child with a middle school student whom you have failed to support? If so, maybe you should buy the shirt. While you’re at it, pick up this necklace with authentic unicorn hair and tears. I hear it’s magic.

Chief Keef is scheduled to be released on March 14, 2013.

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  1. InaG says:

    stfu, you jelaous bitch, if people want to support the kid, let us do it!