Make Me Famous Announce New Band Name

In case you didn’t know, Make Me Famous recently kicked out their vocalist due to personal issues with the musician and then were subsequently dropped from Sumerian Records. The remaining members of Make Me Famous have announced their new band name and released an update video for fans. The band will be Oceans Red, and they also plan on changing the band’s name on Facebook so people won’t have to “like” a brand new page. You can read the band’s statement below, and then watch the video by checking below the jump. Let’s hope they can keep this band together a little bit longer than their last one.

First off we want to thank all of the fans for the continuing support. We know you have heard it a thousand times but we will say it one more. Without you guys and girls we would not be here and that is a fact! We love everyone of you and the past year and a half of our lives have been amazing. So here is to a few more! Our New Band is called “Oceans Red” if you have “Liked” this Facebook already then your already a fan because the page will officially be the Oceans Red Facebook page next week!

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One Response to “Make Me Famous Announce New Band Name”

  1. Jack Mumm says:

    Much better name. Let’s hope this new lineup will have a better sound too