WATCH: Stephanie Sanson American Idol Screaming Audition

Stephanie “Isis” Sanson is the unclean vocalist in a Los Angeles post hardcore band known as You Only Live Once. She made a splash when she auditioned for American Idol by screaming Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain”. You can watch the video for her audition by checking below the jump.

The band has also posted a video explaining why she decided to audition, among other things, and that video is available below the American Idol audition video.

What do you think of the audition? Think American Idol will willingly audition screaming vocalists in the future?

American Idol Audition

The Audition Journey of You Only Live Once

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9 Responses to “WATCH: Stephanie Sanson American Idol Screaming Audition”

  1. Kriston McConnell says:

    Mariah Carey’s reaction is my favorite part.

  2. Dayton O'Connor says:

    Quick question, when did her band come up with their name?

  3. after YOLO was made popular clearly… haha

  4. Kriston McConnell says:

    Well if they were seeking attention this definitely did it.

  5. Mike Anderson says:

    What a stinking pile of crap of a human being.

  6. They were seeking attention and ruined her career as a singer. Apparently she can NOT sing at all because all she knows how to do is scream. She was a waste of space when it came to the audtition. You Only Live Once should look at a different direction instead of having someone scream and making a fool of the band. My reaction was she needs some therapy b/c apparently she was just screaming nonsense and probably forgot to take her meds.

  7. Ara says:

    None of you know what your talking about. They came up with the band name because a popular band called Suicide Silence has a song called You Only live once. The frontman of this man passed away 3 months ago from a car accident. I actually love this girl for showing that singing is not the only talent and they need someone like here although its a totally different scene for American Idol. RIP Mitch

  8. Max Bagnoli says:

    If this girl and her band wanted some attention, to get their band name out, then clearly this was just another affirmation on everyones behalf that this music should be banned from the public eye. I mean honestly, the producers of these shows need to do some more extensive background checks on the people that audition. And i say “producers of these shows” because this girl clearly cant help herself, just like the scenesters in my town that think their so cool because they rebel, run away from a good home during the winter, and live under a bridge. And honestly, that cant even explain half the stupidity. YOU AND YOUR BAND will forever be a disgrace to humanity and it is very easy to tell by the reactions people have been giving you. IF YOU EVER READ THIS….If you at all feel pleased about the fact that people are spending 5 minutes on the internet to read about you….PLEASE DO NOT. Because like i said, 95% of this country hates your kind, so 5 minutes on the internet to disgrace your name…..WAS DEFINITELY WORTH MY TIME. haha

  9. Luke says:

    Pure genius. I’m 47 and in the “business”. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.