This past weekend saw the dominance of Seth Gordan’s Identity Thief over the rest of the other films being shown in theater by a good gap of 20 million dollars in gross income. The film revolves around a comedic take on one of today’s biggest ongoing problems as it follows Jason Bateman’s character as he attempts to recover his identity, which was taken by the character played by Melissa McCarthy. The film had also performed so well that it now has the title of “biggest opening weekend of 2013”.

Last week’s top dog, Warm Bodies showed some lasting power with its number 2 spot of this week’s top ten.

However, it is speculated that this weekend’s seemingly sub-par results have been affected by the northeast’s blizzard.

Follow the jump for info on the rest of Friday and Saturday’s highest grossing films.

  1. Identity Thief ($36.6 million)
  2. Warm Bodies ($11.5 million)
  3. Side Effects ($10 million)
  4. Silver Linings Playbook ($6.9 million)
  5. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters ($5.8 million)
  6. Mama ($4.3 million)
  7. Zero Dark Thirty ($4 million)
  8. Argo ($2.5 million)
  9. Django Unchained ($2.3 million)
  10. Bullet to the Head ($2 million)
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