MUSIC VIDEO: Kyle – “Keep It Real”

There are a lot of bands that come out of the woodwork and knock us on our asses, but finding a truly great up and coming hip hop artist is something a bit more special. It’s easier than ever for people with zero idea how to craft songs to create beats or push their own rhymes, and the result of that unstoppable flood of mediocrity is a vast underground of loud-yet-forgettable names who all too often outshine those who are working at developing a career beyond flash in the pan fame. Such is the case when it comes to California-bred up and comer Kyle.

I cannot tell you how many tracks big name artists like Rick Ross, Big Sean, Tyga, Drake, or Lil Wayne have been a part of in the last six months, but I know for a fact Kyle has only released two. His method of creation and distribution chooses to go the “less is more” route, and fans are only offered his works when they are at their absolute best. As a result, Kyle has developed a high-gloss brand that would take more years to craft, and today he furthers his imprint on hip hop with the release of his official video for “Keep It Real.” I don’t want to give too much away about the clip, but I will say fans of his previous work will be delightfully surprised to see his sense for creating memorable visuals has only grown with time. You can view the video below.

Kyle is clearly an artist to watch, but he rarely makes announcements unless something big is right around the corner. To make sure you never miss another update on his efforts, click here to get connected with our social networks.

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