MUSIC VIDEO: Lil Wayne – “Love Me” Featuring Drake And Future

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is back with a club cut. Featuring a smooth beat from Mike WILL Made It – a prolific guy who is slated to be the hip-hop production equivalent of 2013 to what 2 Chainz was to guest features in 2012 – “Love Me”, off the upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II, is a banger for the ladies that will probably prove to have some crossover appeal. Or did the (barely there) Drake feature not tip you off?

Yeah, he’s there, splitting hook duties with Future. Drake does his Drake thing and Future does his Future thing. This is the clean version of the track, which some readers might recognize by its original, explicit version title “Bitches Love Me”, so you can barely hear what they’re saying anyways.

But Wayne handles the verses pretty deftly! He also drops a line about skateboarding, of course. At this point I’m pretty sure Wayne is using his music career just to show off his progress as a skater.

The video for “Love Me” appears to take place in some kind of nightmarish sex dungeon. Think the NSFW video for Kanye West’s “Monster” with even more scantily clad females decked out with animal eye contacts and you’re on the right track. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Check out the music video for “Love Me” over at MTV.

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