STREAM: Paris – “The Heartless (Feat. Josh Herzer of Lions Lions)”

I love lady fronted rock and I know that many others do as well. Yet, despite some absolutely fantastic acts emerging in the past several years, the practice is still somewhat rare. That’s why I’m delighted to find up-and-coming groups with some powerful women, charging the scene.

In 2012, we showed you Envoi and Crystalyne. This year, let us introduce you to Paris.

Paris is a Boston four-piece dying to show you what they’ve got. With an EP on its way next month, the band is gearing up for a big big year.

To showcase what can be expected with the self-titled release, they have posted their first single, entitled “The Heartless,” which features vocals from Lions Lions singer, Josh Herzer.

You can take a listen to the single below and preorder the EP here.

Jacob Tender
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