AMP Magazine Closes Their Doors, More Sad News from the Print Industry

It appears that another magazine has fallen under the pressure of the rise digital journalism. AMP is shutting down, left in thousands of dollars in debt.

The announcement came this evening, by way of Facebook note. Informing their subscribers of the sad news. This announcement follows many others from the print world. SPIN shut down their print department to focus on web-related content. We expect more to follow in the trend, else opt for additional forms of revenue, such as e-printing or website pay-walls.

Founder and Editor, Brett Mathews explains the need to shut down the mag:

It has become quite apparent over the last couple years that doing a print-zine is not a viable option for AMP and Hails & Horns in this day and age. I also feel that at this point we wouldn’t be able to offer anything above and beyond what is already happening out there in a digital-realm. Compromising our content and coverage from what we love and want to cover could never be an option, regardless of potential advertising revenues. It would not be true to ourselves, or our supporters, who have brought us this far.

So, it is time to move on to the next chapter in life. 

Those who know me know that music is all I have done, 7 days a week, 18 hours a day since it became my full-time ‘occupation’ in 1997. I find it odd in myself that it wasn’t the serious health-issues that have been constantly hospitalizing me the last 6 years, nor my detachment or self-isolation from my family and friends that was the catalyst for this, but the fact that I was starting to not love music, the only truth I have found in this world. The last couple weeks of rolling this decision around in my mind has shown me the idiocy of this, along with other ‘oddities’ or traits in myself that I am excited to explore further in my next chapters. I know family (blood, and beyond) is the most important thing in one’s life. I also sat there watching Tim Yohannan (publisher of MRR) pass away much too soon from stress-related elements, and know that I can’t do that to myself, friends, or my family.

I have never been one to put my name out there, or try and share any of the limelight with what we are or do, as I know that I am but one of countless people that made this publication run. I would like to thank, with all of my heart, John Joh, Lisa Root, Jake Round, Johnathan Marshall, Sean Stepp, Tony Shrum, Lucas Andrews, Nick White, Chris Taravella, Evan and Nancy Mathews, and all of our contributing journalists, columnists, reviewers and photographers. Know that we ALL did this, and we were all able to help countless bands over the last decade plus.

I’m not sure what is next. I’m sure it will be something having to do with helping people, and trying to make this world a little easier to navigate through for my daughter, and what children she may have. I have had such an amazing experience the past 16 years of publishing; I’ve been able to sit in the room where the Sex Pistols broke up, with Joe Strummer, just talking music for hours and cranking the General’s Boom-Box. I’ve been able to work with bands like Lifetime, and watch them morph into bands such as Kid Dynamite and Paint It Black, and offshoots thereof. I was fortunate enough to work closely with some of my favorite bands from their first release, such as Hot Water Music, American Nightmare, Jets To Brazil, Against Me!, The Lillingtons, Rise Against, and so on, just as I was also tapped (sadly) to work with some of my favorites on their last albums: Jawbreaker, Avail, Refused, At The Drive In, The Nerve Agents, and more; but the friends I have made, top all of that. Thank you, ALL!

There is a world full of new bands out there for you to fall in love with. This underground saved my life, as I’m sure it has for many of you. Give back. Start a zine, a blog, a venue. House a band that’s on the road, or go roadie for a band. I think you will find ways to love what you already do, on a whole-different level. If there is anything I can ever do to help anybody or answer any questions, know that my new permanent email address is and that will no longer be active.

I can’t even begin to thank you enough for the love, support, friendships, shows, tours, and countless life-experiences that have come with the magazines. I will be around, and never too far, but know that I will love and forever miss these publications and those that they enabled me to work so closely with. 

Be inspired, be inspiring!

Brett Mathews

Jacob Tender
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