SERIOUSLY: Metro Station Seek $50,000 To Relaunch Band

Do you remember Metro Station? You may think you don’t, but it’s far more likely you did your best to block all memory of their simplistic and repetitive hit “Shake It,” which eventually worked and more than likely erased the very notion that they were even a band. But make no mistake, the plague on pop music that was Metro Station did indeed exist, and if there are a few thousand suckers out there (and we all know there are), they may soon return to the music scene.

Recently, the remaining members of Metro Station (IE Musso and some new guys who are not Trace Cyrus) launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking $50,000 from fans to help relaunch the band. No, that is not a typo. Mason Musso and the other members really believe they need $50,000 to bring back Metro Station, a band that to date only has one album and relatively no activity for at least the last two years, and they have given themselves until April 30 to hit their goal. Of course, Indiegogo offers flexible funding, so the members of Metro Station will actually be able to keep any/all money raised during the campaign.

So what do the members of Metro Station plan to do with $50,000? According to the campaign page, the funds raised will help the band:

• Mix & Finish The EP
• Go On Tour
• Make Music Videos
• Manufacture The Physical CD
• Create New Merch
• And Even Work On A Third Album In The Future!

No offense to the members of Metro Station, but in no way whatsoever should fans work towards meeting this goal. If you want to cry foul about Jonny Craig wanting $20,000 to record an EP, this campaign should send you into the street with pitchforks and torches. No band, and I mean out of all the bands that have built their sound on synths and digital effects, needs $50,000 to crank out an EP, merch, and fund a tour. The money would be helpful, yes, but to me this reads like a bunch of major label dropouts (which MS are) have yet to take the silver spoon out of their mouths and now want fans to do the hard part: financing music only a select few people want to hear that needs to be marketed to the extreme in order to gain even the slightest amount of attention on a national/global scale.

In my opinion, Metro Station need to focus more on songwriting than asking fans to give them ridiculous amounts of money. The three guys that now make up the band are well known as connected people in LA, so the fact the cannot find someone with money to fund their releases outside of supporters who may or may not have gone by the wayside in recent years should throw up a few red flags to just about everyone. Unfortunately, the $700+ already donated shows that there are some who still want to “shake-shake-sh-shake-shake-shake it” all night long.

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3 Responses to “SERIOUSLY: Metro Station Seek $50,000 To Relaunch Band”

  1. Amy Mariah says:

    The article writer is RUDE! You could have kept your opinion to yourself. You didn’t have to write something so mean. Ugh, seriously you don’t understand how hard it is to make money in this economy anymore. Shut up and stop talking trash about Metro Station.

  2. You guys don’t know shit! Mason Musso the member of Metro Station wanted his fans to help because he wanted his FANS to be a part of the project. I say you need to keep your opinions to your selves and don’t write something you have no intention of writing!! You low life a**holes!!! PS Don’t talk crap about Metro Station again.