NEW SONG: A Day To Remember – “Right Back At It Again” (Live In Atlanta)

As of tonight (Wednesday 3/20), A Day To Remember have now began the first stretch of their North American headliner with Of Mice & Men and Chunk, No Captain Chunk!.

Included in the band’s massive set list for the tour are two songs off of the group’s upcoming release, Common Courtesy. “Violence [Enough Is Enough]” has been out for quite some time now, but the Ocala, FL quintet just played “Right Back At It Again” publicly for the very first time.

I’d like to say that lyrically and sonically, the song is somewhat of a throwback to the band’s early days, in other ways, it sounds similar to much of the material off of Homesick and What Separates Me From You. It’s surely different from the first impression that many of us got from Common Courtesy, which really throws me for a loop for exactly what direction the band will be going in.

Don’t take our description of the song to heart though, follow the jump for the remaining tour dates and a fan recorded video of the band performing “Right Back At It Again”, and make your judgements for yourself.


3/22/13 Philadelphia, PA
3/23/13 Albany, NY
3/24/13 Worcester, MA
3/26/13 NYC, NY
3/27/13 Buffalo, NY
3/28/13 Pittsburgh, PA
3/30/13 Detroit, MI
3/31/13 Grand Rapids, MI
4/05/13 Milwaukee, WI
4/06/13 Chicago, IL
4/07/13 Minneapolis, MN
4/09/13 Denver, CO
4/10/13 Salt Lake City, UT
4/12/13 Seattle, WA
4/13/13 Portland, OR
4/15/13 San Francisco, CA
4/21/13 Pomona, CA
4/22/13 Phoenix, AZ
4/25/13 Houston, TX
4/26/13 San Antonio, TX
4/30/13 Nashville, TN
5/02/13 Tampa, FL
5/03/13 Orlando, FL
5/04/13 Miami, FL


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