MUSIC VIDEO: The Weekenders – “Chin Up”

Very often, a music video may have little to no ostensive relation to the song in which it’s accompanying. Even more often is the fact that a song will have no inspired story behind it, ultimately lacking a relatable realism. That is all fine and well, as some of the most popular songs in history (or at least recent memory) mean close to nothing at all. Ever heard any given Black Eyed Peas song? I rest my case.

Today, however, we were turned on to a song and its visuals that is the result of a very intriguing real-life storyline. You can stream the music video for “Chin Up” after the jump, but first let us explain why it exists…

In 2009, The Weekenders‘ vocalist and primary songwriter, Rob Reinfurt, was arrested along with his close friend Eric Canori and superstar downhill mountain biker, Missy Giove. The trio faced serious federal marijuana trafficking conspiracy charges as authorities seized nearly 400 pounds of it from Canori’s home and a travel trailer driven by Giove.

After what seemed to be a lengthy trial process, Canori was sentenced to 30 months in prison which he began serving this January. Even before Eric’s sentencing, by law, he and Rob were (and still are) not allowed to contact one another. Upon hearing of Eric’s sentence with no means of reaching out to him in a conventional manner, Rob decided to try a unique approach to let Eric know that he was “thinking of him and shining light his way.” Reinfurt wrote a heartfelt acoustic piece titled “Chin Up,” which he then made a video for directed by Nick Steffens. Rob hoped that this effort would reach his friend Eric, and eventually he heard through the grapevine that it did.

Experience “Chin Up” and its video below and keep the story in mind as you listen to the lyrics which make it all the more enjoyable.

Brian Leak
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  1. BF says:

    I’ve known Rob for over a decade now and he is by far one of the most driven and multi talented people I’ve met to date. It’s no surprise that he could turn out such a great piece of inspirational creativity. Nice work indeed.