The Croods Still

This weekend was a prime example of the unexpected nature of the box office.

Dreamworks Films’ latest effort, The Croods was among the year’s first chart-topping animated films, with a performance over 40 million in sales. Distantly behind that was Anoine Fuqua’s Olympas Has Fallen, which charted at #2 with 30 million. James Franco’s uber-raunchy Spring Breakers made its small (albeit noticeable) mark with 5 million, which is a feat considering the film’s content and director Harmony Korine’s track record.

Follow the jump for the rest of this weekend’s top 10 selling films.

The Croods $44.7 million
Olympus Has Fallen $30.5 million
Oz the Great and Powerful $22 million
The Call $8.7 million
Admission $6.4 million
Spring Breakers $5 million
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone $4.3 million
Jack the Giant Slayer $3 million
Identity Thief $2.5 million
Snitch $1.9 million

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