SPIRIT VISION PRESENTS: Ben Rosett & Dylan Aiello

Spirit Vision Studios

Welcome to Spirit Vision Presents. This is a brand new series that will feature live performances in studio by an array of talented artists.

We’ve teamed up with Ben Rosett and Ian Jennings of Spirit Vision Studios and the band Strawberry Girls to bring you some music we appreciate by musicians you may or may not have heard.

We’ll do this through the capture of intimate performances by musicians in-studio, coupled with interviews to get everyone better acquainted.

In this installment we’re featuring Spirit Vision Studios founder/engineer and Strawberry Girls drummer Ben Rosett and musician Dylan Aiello. In the video, Ben and his crew are recording a track for their upcoming album, due Spring 2013.

Check out Ben Rosett and Dylan Aiello as they give you a behind the scenes look of the making of their album in the fifth episode of Spirit Vision Presents after the jump. 

Jacob Tender
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