STREAM: Andrew McMahon – “Synesthesia”

Andrew McMahon

Some lover of Andrew McMahon let their excitement for his unreleased new material get away from them and now the entire world can end Easter 2013 by enjoying a brand new song entitled “Synesthesia.”

Though we are currently unsure of the song’s origin, AbsolutePunk pointed us in the direction of “Synesthesia” earlier today. The song is a vast departure from the last Jack’s Mannequin album, which fits perfectly with McMahon’s hopes of starting a new chapter in his career with his latest efforts. I’m not sure a song like this would ever fit on one of his previous releases, yet it is arguably one of the most personal songs he’s ever written. If the first Jack’s Mannequin album was Andrew realizing and coping with his changing health, this is Andrew realizing he’s overcome that battle and still has a life to lead. It’s a reflection on the lives of those around him and his own, how they got there and where they are hopefully headed in the future, but most importantly it’s a song about now. A song about the Andrew McMahon touring on the strength of his own name for the first time and seeing a familiar world with new eyes. You can stream “Synesthesia” below.

No word yet on when fans can expect “Synesthesia” to be officially release, but we’re hoping Andrew speaks up soon. Until that time, comment below and let us know your thoughts on the song.

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  1. Brian Hartman says:

    I like it a lot. :)