REVIEW: The Ocean Between Us – ‘Savoir Faire’

ARTIST: The Ocean Between Us
ALBUM: Savior Faire
LABEL: A Wolf At Your Door Records
GENRE: Metalcore

The Ocean Between Us have been a band since 2009, however, Savoir Faire is their first full length. It is the follow up to their self titled EP released in 2011. The album addresses the band’s financial struggles over the years, and their efforts to be successful as a touring band. Recently the lead vocalist had to announce his departure from the band due to the endless problems they’ve experienced as a band. It’s very unfortunate to see a talented band torn apart by financial strain, but as we all know this band wouldn’t be the first victim of such issues.

Savoir Faire kicks off with the song “In Sickness And Wealth”. This track quickly sets the tone for the entire album from Judd’s powerful screaming to the intricate guitar parts and the rapid percussion. This track, and many others, are full of the band’s passion which can be heard in Judd’s voice through every verse.

“Remember Yourself” is a mostly instrumental track that gives you a little bit of a breather from the break neck speeds of the rest of the album. A little over halfway through the track Judd slowly starts his harsh yelling vocals; the song peaks and then it slowly fades away into the next song, “Safety”. “Safety” is probably the best track on the album. It has all of the best elements of the band all grouped into one 3.5 minute song. If you have to listen to one song of theirs over and over again it should be this one.

The band does a 180 with the very last track, “God Is An Atheist.” Instead of electric guitars, bass or even drums Judd screams along to an acoustic guitar. It’s oddly calming, and while I usually don’t think bands should end their records on a quiet note this track seems like the most appropriate ending to Savoir Faire.

The band didn’t hold back any punches on this album. They took the time and effort to develop their trademark sound and craft a really solid metalcore record. Savoir Faire is a great debut full length and these guys should be proud of what they’ve done. Let’s only hope that this is not the last we hear of The Ocean Between Us.

SCORE: 8.5/10
Review written by Kriston McConnell

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