PITCH PLEASE: Universal Planning ‘Pitch Perfect’ Sequel For 2015

In a turn of unusual events, Universal has announced they are currently developing a Pitch Perfect sequel tentatively planned for a 2015 release.

Released back in 2012, the theatrical debut of Pitch Perfect was far from what you would call an opening weekend deserving of praise. The film performed average (at best) both domestically and abroad, but later managed to find an audience and dedicated fanbase after gifs and screenshots began flooding Tumblr (along with other social media outlets). It was the kind of film people discovered through word of mouth, which is harder to accomplish these days than the abundance of technological advancements in recent years may lead you to believe, and that kind of organically-grown fandom is likely the exact reason Universal is now hoping to find similar success with a sequel. If they can’t stop talking about the original they will definitely pay to see a sequel, right?

Original writer Kay Cannon will be penning the sequel, and if the cast performance from the past Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards is any indication it would appear the main cast is likely to return as well. No further cast or crew information has been made available.

Pitch Perfect was a hit among UTG staffers and readers, but I’m finding it a bit hard to think of any real reason why a sequel is warranted. I fear this series could quickly become the Glee of film, with future installments having lesser known celebrities in the main roles (just like Bring It On: All Or Nothing), but until that happens, count me in as someone anxious to see these characters return.

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