UTG STREAM: Grey Season – ‘Troilus’ EP

Last Sunday I was sitting at my desk working on a story when my phone rang. Brimming with excitement on the other end of the line was Craig Silva, a friend whom I run a small label with called Antique Records here in Boston. “Are you near a radio,” he asked in a frenzy, “tune into Harvard’s radio station as fast as you can or you may miss it!” I ran to the nearest stereo in my apartment and quickly spun the dial to the small, student-run station. When I got there I heard a group I had until that point never knew existed, and it took only a few seconds for me to realize what had inspired Craig’s passionately demand for my attention.

Hailing from Boston, Grey Season is a folk rock band consisting of five guys and a passion for creating original music that is second-to-none. There are many ways one could describe the typical sound of a New England band, especially one made up of twenty-somethings from Boston, but I can assure you none of those stereotypes come close to describing the style of Grey Season. They bring to mind contemporary favorites like The Lumineers or The Wild Feathers, but their structure and lyricism is far more reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s heyday. Their debut EP, Troilus, features five songs on life, love, heartache, and hope that are so wonderfully constructed they could leave an impression on even the coldest of souls. We knew we had to be involved in the promotion for the EP’s release, and fortunately the band was looking for someone to premiere the record online. Click below to enjoy Troilus.

If you would like to learn more about Grey Season, who we should mention have only been together since December 2012, you should visit them on Facebook. The group consists of Jon Mills (lead vocals, guitar and Irish Bouzouki), Chris “Gooch” Bloniarz (banjo, backing vocals, mandolin, dobro and piano), Matt Knelman (lead guitar and backing vocals), Ian Jones (bass and backing vocals), and Ben Burns (drums and backing vocals). There is an EP release show scheduled for this Saturday, May 4, at Store 54 in Allston, Massachusetts. Click here for ticket information.

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  1. Ian says:

    The release show is Saturday May 4th, not April 4th