Carolina Rebellion, A Rain Or Shine Event, Cancelled Due To Rain

Maybe this is going to seem like an attack piece of music journalism, but sometimes you just have to look at the facts and point out the idiocy. Carolina Rebellion, a North Carolina rock festival whose first listed piece of general information is “This Festival is a Rain or Shine Event“, cancelled the final day of the festival yesterday due to rain.

The festival made a post on Facebook saying “Due to inclement weather continuing throughout the night, we have to cancel the remainder of Carolina Rebellion 2013. This decision was made to ensure your safety as well as the bands and everyone involved in Rebellion. Please check our website out in the coming weeks for updates and hold onto your ticket stub.” The two day festival’s first day went smoothly, but during the second day, the show was called off. The Charlotte Observer states that Volbeat cancelled, moving Buckcherry up an hour. Buckcherry would turn out to be the last act, with Soundgarden, Rise Against, and Bush also cancelling.

If I were a ticket holder, I’d be very upset. The festival deliberately states the show would happen rain or shine, and it seems no one in Charlotte considered the possibility of rain in May. Somewhere in the southeast, there are thousands of pissed off concert goers.

Dan Bogosian
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6 Responses to “Carolina Rebellion, A Rain Or Shine Event, Cancelled Due To Rain”

  1. Not to mention the fact you could only hear the stage you were at… it was a huge fail,they had a new shitty layout in which the stages were separated, you saw the action on the screens at your stage but no audio was pumped through :( . I have been to all rebellions now and this year WAS NOT A LEGITIMATE REBELLION

  2. Was not raining a single drop as I sat in gridlocked traffic waiting to exit the parking lot. Drove an hour and a half to see Soundgarden and didn’t even make it out of my vehicle before we realized there was mass exodus taking place. Highway Patrol clearly wasn’t ready to direct traffic with such short notice. The organizers need to use this situation as a model for future events. Rain or shine, means rain or shine.

  3. This rebellion was an epic failure! Saturday was a blast and Sunday was just miserable all the way around. Announcements of cancellations or changes were not made. People grew angry in the very beginning when it was sprinkling and still no shows. It is also kind of sad that the fans get more hyped over the man brushing the water off the stage than anything else. It would have been nice if there was more information available to ticket buyers before the weekend. It was not known of the meet the band events or how they worked. If i would have known about them Saturday I would have gotten an awesome birthday present for my dad. Overall it was fun for what I saw on Saturday but Sunday was just miserable from the cold wind and constant rain

  4. I do agree about the screens should have pushed through audio as well. I liked the fact that only one bad played at a time but it would have been nice to see as well as hear any other show going on without having to go to that stage.

  5. Joe says:

    For the Bands that showed up and played there was huge respect and they gained alot more fans, the bands that didnt show was their loss, if they were told they couldnt play then its not the bands fault but the planners who did a piss poor job at communication and planning. the safety concern b/s was a copout excuse.