RONNIE RAPS: Falling In Reverse Announce New Album; Stream “Alone”

Falling in Reverse

We knew Ronnie Radke and crew were in the studio working on a follow-up to their Epitaph debut The Drug In Me Is You, but what we never expected was how the final results would sound.

Around 10AM EST today, May 7, Falling In Reverse announced plans to release a new album entitled Fashionably Late on June 18. The artwork for the album has been released and can be found after the jump, but no further details or pre-order information was released. We’ll update you as additional information begins to surface.

Alongside the news of their new album, Falling In Reverse also released a new song entitled “Alone.” The track features an EDM-heavy structure, as well as Radke rapping about how much better his life is than yours, including the line “what you spend in fifteen months is what i spend in fifteen minutes.” You can stream the song at the end of this post.

If I could review things using only gifs, this would describe what Falling In Reverse have done to their career with “Alone.”

We have never been the biggest fans of Ronnie Radke’s work, but “Alone” pretty much seals the coffin on us covering Falling In Reverse much further in the future. If there is one thing the recent resurrection of leather-clad rock bands does not need it’s the influence of hip hop culture. The two do not gel, at least not on this track, and the soulless lyrics (though not exactly a new thing) squash any hope for substance. For a man that has been through and accused of as much as Radke, he seems to have almost nothing original to say. God forbid he ever loses track of his ego, or FIR will find themselves without a thing to write about.

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16 Responses to “RONNIE RAPS: Falling In Reverse Announce New Album; Stream “Alone””

  1. Jenna Bush says:

    I completely agree with this article. What happened Ronnie!?

  2. gavin says:

    When he raps about things that normal everyday rappers rap about he automatically is egotisticcal and y’all complain about it. but in Rich as Fuck-Lil Wayne they say “look at you. Now look at us, all my niggers look rich as fuck” its ok. it appears that y’all are just jackasses and want to have somebody to bitch about on here so you say shit that is stupid. BYE!!

  3. Who said it was okay when Wayne says it? We trashed Wayne’s last album, and we often call out rappers for ‘ego-rap.’ Do some research before you jump the gun.

  4. Amin Croes says:

    This song is shit. I’m sorry to say, but the way things look….it looks like this band is going downhill. Maybe Ronnie should let one of the band members write something? Because the previous album was written by Ronnie only. Well that what he says. Get your shit together FIR, before it’s too late.

  5. I loved Ronnie in Escape the Fate. Since he created Falling In Reverse his music has just gone down hill. This new song is just terrible. The sound is worse, and the lyrics suck. I liked the rap he did with Deuce in “Nobody Likes Me.” Still wasn’t great. I’m disappointed.

  6. pual says:

    The people who don’t like what ‘everyday rappers’ rap about usually don’t listen to the genre, or the artist at least. Some people obviously listen to this music for what they sing about, so if you think about it, the only reason people don’t talk shit on lil’ Wayne here is because he isn’t relevant to any of us.

  7. bye radke says:

    His album with Escape the Fate was awesome due to its dark/depressed mood.
    Falling in Reverse’s first album – meh…almost an entire album about him being bitter about Escape the Fate
    Now this is just horrible trend hopping. Historically, rap/rock worked well for bands like Linkin Park, POD, Rage against the Machine, etc because they have lyrics with actual meaning not just “look at me, I’m rich.” I listen to rap and even ego-rap and at least those guys have a bit more creativity.

  8. Lame says:


  9. Falling in Reverse is relesing to albums, this in June and one in July according to there label. The one in July has the single “Honesty” which is more Falling in Reverse sounding.

  10. davvis says:

    never go full retard

  11. shauna gore says:

    Ronnie just fucked up his rep with this song….

  12. shauna gore says:

    One i loved ronnie because thats one thing he wouldnt talk about was compairing everyday people to stars isnt that why some people listen yo his music….

    Two people look up to him and now hes talking down to us the people that bought all his shit and went to the concerts and got him this far… To here “what you spend in 15 months i spend in 15mins”…. Wtf

    You should really re-read this before splurging your opinion

  13. Brooke Champine says:

    That’s so mean!! Stop hating on Ronnie! Please grow up.

  14. Shame Ronnie hasn’t grown up

  15. Sadie says:

    I must admit this song is growing on me, or maybe it’s the the fact that the music video makes me laugh… Ronnie, you are not Lil Wayne so stop bouncing around in your videos, and stop rapping. Or you won’t be spending anything, and you’ll be the one “washing dishes for a livin”