Tiny Moving Parts Sign Onto Kind Of Like Records

Tiny Moving Parts

Property Of Zack were the first to announce earlier today that Tiny Moving Parts have signed onto Brooklyn’s Kind Of Like Records. For those who don’t remember, this Minnesota based group were one of our Five Artists To Watch In 2013 article that we published back in January.

Needless to say, we couldn’t be more stoked for this band. While there’s currently no official announcement about their upcoming follow-up to This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship, the band has in fact said that the first mass pressing of the album will be handled by both KOL doing vinyl and Black Numbers handling CDs. The record is slated to release on July 9. Keep your eyes peeled for more info on pre-orders.

Unfamiliar with Tiny Moving Parts? Follow the jump to watch their music video for “Clouds Above My Head.”

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