New Songs From Pet Shop Boys Surface Online

There are only two weeks left until Pet Shop Boys’ 12th studio album, Electric, comes out. I would say it’s so close that we could dance, but it seems they’ve beaten us to the punch. Supposedly Electric is even more catchy than their most recent album, Elysium (which came out ten years before this one) — and now given how much fun these three new songs are, that makes perfect sense.

“Bolshy,” “Love Is A Bourgeois Construct,” and “Shouting In The Evening” all surfaced online today (or at least snippets from the tracks), but only the first is still up and running properly. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have returned and are determined to get listeners dancing with “Bolshy.” It almost sounds German instead of English, style-wise. While most of the songs on the upcoming album are leftovers from Elysium, a few were written with the intent of being on this album. “Bolshy” is one of those.

Electric comes out on July 16. Pre-order the album here and let us know if you’re feeling “Bolshy” in the comment section below!

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